Essay: The Concept of Physical Education

Essay: The Concept of Physical Education
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These sociological factors mentioned above can come from the social analysis of the concept of physical education. In order to accomplish this task it is imperative to analyze physical education which cannot be done without considering its inclusion in other parts of society. It is essential to know how it fits into the mold of society in order for us to ascertain its place, purpose and potential. It is easier to explore this if the issues surrounding this topic are broken into their macro and micro forms (Laker 33-37).

One macro level issue comes from the mind of critical theorists who see physical activities as re enforcing the class structure on the individuals who participate in it. If we dissect this theory we find that it has roots within the organizational structure that is inherent in various sport activities. They cite the differentiation of familial background, environment, finances and education as being the main causative factors for inducing class into the equation. Although this may seem ludicrous at first, it does become clearer if we consider that different schools today offer different curriculum in regards to physical education.

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