Essay: Conflicts between Samurai and Peasant Classes

Essay: Conflicts between Samurai and Peasant Classes
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Above are words that portray conflict between samurai and peasant classes and the modesty of Kambei the leader of all samurai. The character of Kikujiro openly elaborates the class conflict through an unforgettable and powerful monologue. The social dimensions however were not used in the remakes of the movie as convincingly as in the original one (Antulov).

Kurosawa has put a lot of effort for chronological accuracy in the movie Seven Samurai, despite having a story with universal appeal. The legends, the houses and the costumes are meticulously remade as well as the armour and artillery of the samurai as of the 16th century era. Kurosawa’s attention to detail and sense of reconstructing the action scenes is phenomenal since uttermost care is assured to make the scenes sensible and realistic yet creating an exciting viewing experience (Antulov).

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