Essay: An Example of Consciences-The Sixth Sense

Essay: An Example of Consciences-The Sixth Sense
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Every afternoon the old people are taken to the park for a treat. That afternoon I requested Sarah to accompany me in the wards instead of going to the park but she declined. I insisted to her and she half heartedly accepted. We were busy attending to the seriously bed ridden when all over sudden Sarah fainted. We took her to the health center where she was attended to.

It happened that she had a severe heart attack that could be worse if medical attention was not fast enough. It was later the next day that Sarah thanked me since if was in the park together with the old, she could not have survived. I came to the realization that it was conscience that drove me to Sarah’s condition (Schulweis 124). Since then I have learned to drop any activity or engagement in the job whenever I feel that something is missing or everything is not well. This has also been the case with choosing friends for I refuse some company not based on any logical observation but conscience.

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