Essay: Consciences-The Sixth Sense

Essay: Consciences-The Sixth Sense
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Conscience is the sixth sense that directs a person’s endeavor. It is a feeling within that either tells you to do something or not.  Conscience is a useful tool and can be well used to make decisions (Schulweis 64). I have been a voluntary person for the last three months in a home for the aged. Serving these old people is always a challenge and since one or two people die either from disease, old age or negligence.

One Monday afternoon I was in charge of the wards where old people with terminal diseases spend. I had just finished clearing the dishes, taken them to the kitchen and was now taking medicine to the sick. It happened that one lady who had been jovial the whole day and nothing abnormal had been observed about her. Sarah is my coworker who was in charge of the kitchen that afternoon. Whenever I talked to her that afternoon, I had a feeling everything was not alright about her. I kept on asking her if everything was alright and she insisted that she was fine.

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