Essay: Brief about Consciousness

Essay: Brief about Consciousness
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Consciousness however refers to being aware and is depicted as the state of mind which is composed of subjectivity, self-awareness, ability to perceive things, ability to analyze things and to have sentience though which the person can establish and identify the relationship between the environment and self. Consciousness is often described as the mental faculty which enables us to be aware of the environment as well as our abilities and states relative to pour mental capacity. According to consciousness the flow of information goes from mental aspect to the physical aspect, which means that consciousness rise due to the interaction of the physical as well as the mental and cognitive of the brain. This definition depicts that the concept of consciousness is almost completely the opposite of the theory of pertaining to epiphenomenalism.

The automation theory by William James 1980 states that if we were to restrict our perception and view to the physical plane then the phenomena of intellectuality and intelligence would not aptly described in any context. This requires open boundaries for the description and the analysis of one intelligence and intellectual capacity. Moreover the mental images that arise in our mind, exist and come up because of they cannot exist without the neural system of a human being backing them up. This means that the mental images in our mind need corresponding and related bari events to support them.

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