Essay: What were the consequences of Freedom Summer

Essay: What were the consequences of Freedom Summer
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  1. The freedom summer project, though not as successful as originally intended, did succeed however in registering 1600 black voters at the Mississippi court house. Although the number of voters was not at the level it was originally intended. The campaign did have an important effect on the civil rights movement. The persecution and harassment of black voter was also called into question in the media. Although this was mostly due to the fact that three white supporters were murdered. It still created an environment where the barriers that existed between the two races began to break.

The networks that were created between different communities and volunteers helped move the civil rights movement forward even after the freedom summer project ended. Eventually they brought together the elements that would create the Mississippi freedom democratic party. Nearly 80,000 black voters joined the party showing support for the cause. It also created a number of voluntary summer schools also known as freedom schools. These schools did not adopt the nature of Mississippi’s underfunded and segregated school system. But rather they accepted students of all races, teaching more than 3,500 of them. They taught several subjects normally not taught at the local schools such as black history and civil rights. In fact much of the curriculum was structured around the students rather than being pre-planned. This syllabus was instrumental in aiding the formation of the Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party.

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