Essay: The Consequences of Global Warming

Essay: The Consequences of Global Warming
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It is said that change is the only thing which is constant.  Our planet since its beginning has been going through changes and will continue to do so till the end. With the steady rise in industrial activities across the globe and several other factors causing pollution, the consequent global warming has put our planet in a compromising position. Humans took time understanding and evaluating the effects and impacts of this phenomenon which has resulted in the situation getting dangerous with time. Threatening consequences lay ahead for mankind if the ongoing activities continuing to raise the pollution level aren’t brought under control.

As the earth continues to get warmer and warmer, temperatures across the world will keep on increasing result in frequent droughts and flooding due to the rapid melting of snow. This consequently will make it difficult to sustain the conditions required to produce food and grow crops.

Another problem posed by the increasing temperatures and melting snow is the rising sea levels. This would cause a lot of the currently available land to be submerged under water resulting in the lesser available land which implies lesser space for people to reside in and even lesser land to grow food on.

Unstable weather patterns and acid rain will also be affecting the living conditions adversely. Acid rain will damage the crops which in turn will make the air available for breathing polluted with carbon dioxide (since a lot of plants which produce oxygen will be dead.)

The most direct impact of global warming on human life would be the intense and unbearable heat which will make it extremely difficult to stay out in the sun. Air-conditioners would become a necessity then. The incessant intense heat would give rise to a number of skin related diseases like skin cancer etc due to the intense UV exposure on human skin.

To conclude it can be said that the future doesn’t seem too bright. The cause is one i.e. global warming but the effects are countless and very extreme. Food and oxygen are the two basic requirements for human life to survive and flourish, but global warming poses a serious threat to both of these.

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