Essay: Consequences of Teen Pregnancy

Essay: Consequences of Teen Pregnancy
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Involvement of media in this regards should be reviewed and viewer discretion is required completely. Parents, who are aware of the facts, should educate their children without hesitation, since this may be effective in preventing the child’s academic, practical and matrimonial future, as it is inherited further.

The physical abuse leading to mental and moral harassment should be observed by teachers at school and necessary aid should be provided in such cases. Expelling from the high school is not the solution. The analysis also has shown the side-effects that can harm the individual potentially and distract the mind towards confusing nature and a fully frustrated life due to the pregnancy incident.

In the end it could be said, that in order to succeed in life, abstinence is the best precaution one can take to avoid such circumstances that hinder the performance of academics and if sexual activity is however taking place, age and maturity should be considered efficiently with the additional use of precautions that provide sufficient protection from diseases as well as teenage pregnancy.

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