Essay: Considerations for Running an Online Support Service

Essay: Considerations for Running an Online Support Service
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Server Configuration Related

Hard Drive Capacity

The company needs to provide troubleshooting service using an Internet-based application. This type of service would require space for running the application itself as well as for storing the details of the customers and information related to the troubleshooting tasks. In addition to this, space would be required for the operating system as well as other supporting applications such as the database management system, applications and the libraries required to provide secure connections to the client’s PCs ( such as an SSL library). It is important to mention here that the Internet application itself will not take up much space, but the space requirement for the database will be significant.

Recommended Solution

The data that will be stored on the database would include customer details, pending troubleshooting tickets for tasking that were entered by the customer as well as details of troubleshooting tasks that have either been completed ( for future reference) and ongoing troubleshooting tasks. However, size comes at a cost of price, which also needs to be considered. Keeping this factor in mind as, well least 10 GB of hard drive space is recommended. It is also highly recommended, for reliability and performance that the server should have a dedicated hard drive for its use, as the number of accesses to the hard drive will be tremendous and any other activity on the server drive will significantly affect its performance.

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