Essay: Continuation with Nuclear Energy

Essay: Continuation with Nuclear Energy
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While the importance is being given to the options of solar and wind powers, there are other alternative present as well, which have worked reliably for the United States in the past, and could be considered with equal importance for the progress of energy sector in the United States. The nuclear energy option, despite its hazardous material threat and spend fuel processing cost is still considered the cheapest form of electricity generation source around the world.

The presence of 104 plants already in operation in the US, also leverages the option of producing electricity through nuclear energy, as the US already has the expertise, technology and the research in order to make the nuclear technology more safer as well as making it more efficient and cheaper in production (US Energy Information Administration , 2009). The existence of the technology in the US along with the means of improving it, as well as a credible evidence of the use of nuclear technology to fulfill energy demands on large scale makes the case of nuclear technology use pretty strong. This solution can be biased because it increases the reliance of the US on a single source of energy and would only favor the research and development in the field of nuclear technology. Furthermore, one fact that is overlooked in this solution is that the electricity demands in the US very high hence going down the nuclear route would tremendously increase the number of power plants in the country. This in turn would not only increase the chances of a radioactive mishap occurrence , but, would also pose a nightmare for the government in disposing or recycling the nuclear waste in an era where it is already criticized for contributing largely toward global pollution (US Energy Information Administration, 2009). Furthermore, implication of this solution would be the dependency on only nuclear option, but would also serve as reduction of interest in other more simplistic ways from which electricity can be generated. Assuming that these things would be taken care of, nuclear option seems a very viable option over any other source of energy.

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