Essay: Controversial Issues on Internet

Essay: Controversial Issues on Internet
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The Internet has never been popular than now. With a rapidly growing user base, the internet has become a household thing which is used by almost everyone in the house for activities such as entertainment, shopping, education and socializing. While the Internet itself is a blessing for anybody who uses it, there are also several issues related to the use of Internet, which have raised controversy and are becoming more complex as the technology progress. Two of these issues, namely, privacy and freedom of speech with regards to the Internet have been discussed below.


Privacy can be defined as the ability to control the information about oneself and being free from surveillance and intrusion. In the older days, it was a daunting task to keep surveillance on a large number of population, with security agencies using people to spy on others. Then the surveillance cameras became a vital source of keeping an eye on the people. Now, well into the era of computers, the internet is being used to keep a tab on people.

A strong argument raised by the advocates of privacy on the Internet is, that people have the right to protect their identity and must not watch or tracked without their consent. However, a search engine like Google and Yahoo!, keeps the record of searches worth trillions of byte, which most people don’t know about. Although in these records, users are identified only by numbers, these searches not only reveal about the activities of an individual, which many would consider private information, it can also be used to identify a particular individual using a strategy called re-identification, where a particular individual’s search record could reveal information about his/her area, things he owns like property or car, the team that he/she follows and habits that he/she might have. Another example is the logging personal information on the website. Many websites on the internet, log clicks of the users, which they use to display relevant ads or items. Though this act may not identify the individual, it is considered by some as a privacy issue since the activities are logged without their consent.

Another argument given in favor of privacy on the internet is that anything which is uploaded to the internet as private should remain private. This is because important personal data, such as photos and videos, posted on the public websites, to be seen by family and friend, face severe privacy threat, as they can be downloaded by anybody including criminals such as rapists and can also be used for manipulation.

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