Essay: Conversion of St. Augustine to Christianity

Essay: Conversion of St. Augustine to Christianity
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St. Augustine was converted to Christianity under the influence of St. Ambrose in 387 then he started his missionary activities from South Africa where got hold of the position of bishop of Hippo. Augustine authored various books to emanate his philosophy. His book ‘Confessions’ is an autobiographical meditation on God’s grace and in the book Augustine recounts his conflicts during his conversion from Manichaeism to Christianity.

In ‘The City of God’ he made the nature of human society and Christianity’s place in history his focus. ‘On Christian Doctrine’ and ‘On the Trinity’ are his famous theological works that best express his views (Lawless). His works are occasioned by controversies with Manichaeism, Pelagius and Demotists leading his thoughts to develop his ideas on Creation, the Sacrament, Grace and the Church. Despite the world-wide influence of his teachings on Christianity, his doctrine of Predestination has been under severe criticism.

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