Essay: Corridor for Political Heritage

Essay: Corridor for Political Heritage
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Furthermore this assisted as a corridor for political, heritage, financial, and family trans-border connections that are tolerated to this day. Putting the borderlands at the center presents us a vital optic for comprehending the long-term integration and transnational annals of the countries. These countries are now called Mexico and the United States. Acuña’s methodical and comprehensive rendering of these local annals serves as an interpretation of the numerous events.

These events are San Joaquin Valley cotton fabric hit of 1933, the killing of Pedro Subia in Arvin, California, and the chronicled connections that cotton fabric employees had with work activism. All these interpretations present a case study in the deep combination of the United States and Mexico. Acuña very carefully represents the copper borderlands as an “uneven mosaic of human spaces. Some interwoven, other ones less so; some international, other ones nationwide, some, colonial, and other ones modern”. This representation allows the book reader to take a glance at commonplace persons and their connections, and how these coexisted with state and business command to “reshape the borderlands on their own terms”.  Acuña focuses on the transnational development of the copper borderlands in the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Arizona, and New Mexico in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.  This case study of the connections between U.S. entrepreneurial capital, engineers, the U.S. and Mexican authorities, localized political agents on both edges of the boundary, replaced native peoples. For example the Apache and Mexican-origin laborers who worked the copper mines present a chart for future tendencies of capital buying (Acuña).

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