Essay: Countries from which foreign students come to UK

Essay: Countries from which foreign students come to UK
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Figure 2.0 shows the countries that contribute the most international students to the higher education sector in the UK, and it also shows how these have changed over the last couple of years.  For instance, China was the main provider prior to 2004, but student numbers are slowly decreasing as shown by the figures for 2005/06.

As mentioned in the literature review, this is probably a result of increased investment within China to make their own higher education sector competitive so that they can recruit and retain the best talent.  The same applies for Greece and Hong Kong, which have also decreased the number of students studying in the UK.  However, countries like India and Germany have contributed more students to the UK, whilst Nigeria has only just entered the ranks, with probably the largest increase of the group.  Whilst it is still possible to generate income from the remaining contributing countries, the amounts will be drastically reduced as most of the students are entering as EU students.

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