Essay: Creating Enmity

Essay: Creating Enmity
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Hobbes merely had only one way of showing the right type of government which according to him was to differentiate between what it means to be human and then understand what makes it. In the introduction of his book, Hobbes sees people as coherent machinery ruled by enthusiasm joined by means of motives, “For what is the Heart, but a spring; and the Nerves, but so many Strings; and the joints, but so many Wheels, giving motion to the whole body” (Hobbes 1).

One enthusiasm that by no means stops to enchant a human being is their advantage over other people, especially in the light of inferiority. This practically means that human race will always look out for dominance. This can be domination of power, position or gratitude. Enmity arises when two individuals will fight for these reasons and will try to destroy one another. The other reason that will make them fight with each other is competition out of their longings or needs.

Again if items are limited, it is possible that two humans will try to achieve the same object. This will help in creating enmity among them and they will go up to the extent of killing each other. The third cause of hatred would be diffidence. Keeping the Machiavellian view alive, Hobbes argues that a naive individual will be shattered if not they act callously to protect themselves. A human being ought to have defensive skills to protect themselves.

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