Essay: Creating File System in Unix

Essay: Creating File System in Unix
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cd .. to go to the parent directory and type

rmdir x

to remove the subdirectory as well.

The files can be copied from one area to another using the cp command. The cp command has a format of cp [options] source destination.


The source is the name of the source file

destination is the directory where you want to copy the file to or the new filename you want to copy the file as.

[options]  provide additional options to be used with the cp command, such as -f for force overwrite, -i for asking for overwriting and -r for recursive copying (Smith).

4. Create a customers file that contains data showing several customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and type of backpack purchased (use fictional data).

We will use vi editors to create a customer file with fictional data. For this type vi customer.txt to start the vi editor in the home directory. Now enter the data

Peter Joseph Washington DC     766-5544 Leather

John Macken New York 5665-3332 Suede

Catherine Anderson Detroit 5443-4433 Fur


5. Develop several command-line commands that can be used in the future to manipulate the data in the customer’s file. Determine which specific commands (and command options) to use and record them in a document. Generate an example of the output of each command and include the example output in the document you create.

Use separate commands (not in a script) to do the following:

* Set up security so that only one specific employee can access the customer’s file.

Using the setfacl command, we can set the permission of customer file. To set access for user ‘theo’ type

setfacl -m user:theo:rw- customer.txt

* Display the contents of the customer’s file.

To display the content of the customer file type

cat /home/user/customer.txt (Smith).

* Examine the customers and backpacks files for duplicate lines (to ensure better data).

To examine the customer file for duplicate line we can use the grep command

To search for customer name Peter, type

grep –count [Peter Joseph Washington DC 766-5544 Leather Backpack] customer.txt

and it will the number of lines which are duplicate with the pattern you have provided.

* Search the contents of the customer’s file for customers with a specific last name.

By using the grep command again,  we can also search for customers using the last name.

grep  [ Joseph] customer.txt

will display the context line of the record with last name Joseph (Smith).

* Sort the customer’s file by the customer’s last name.

To sort the customer file using the customer last name, we will use the sort command. Type

Sort +1 -2 customer.txt (Rankin)

* Display the customers who have only purchased a specific type of backpack.

To display the customer record  for a specific backpack, for example, Leather , Type

cat customer.txt | grep Leather (Smith).

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