Essay: The Creation of Corpus Luteum

Essay: The Creation of Corpus Luteum
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The creation of the corpus luteum is where the HCG comes in. HCG is responsible for making sure that the corpus luteum does not degrade before the remaining 2 weeks of the cycle are up. Thus, when the egg and sperm fertilize and make an embryo which will grow into a baby 9 months later, the progesterone is needed to prepare the uterus to house this embryo. Since progesterone comes from corpus luteum and HCG is needed to keep it from degrading its importance can be seen.

If the egg is not fertilized, the HCG levels decrease and the corpus luteum stops functioning and degrades as shown in the image. If it degrades the cycle starts up all over again.

If an embryo is made however, it takes over the production of HCG and thus ensures that the corpus luteum keeps functioning. This ensures that it has plenty of nutrition and blood to grow. Eventually there comes a point where HCG is detectable in the blood allowing for tests which can confirm pregnancy. If menstruation does not occur it’s a possible sign of pregnancy.

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