Essay: The creation of the theory of constraints

Essay: The creation of the theory of constraints
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The TOC has its ground roots in the book titled “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt, published in 1984. This book does not particularly mention the TOC, but outlines how the production process should be planned. In a subsequent book, titled “It’s not luck” Goldratt enlarges the theory to include other elements of the value chain, for example wholesaling and vendor relations. This led to the creation of the TOC.[1]

This prevailing idea for a number of years was that the TOC focused merely on the in house productions rather than the entire value chain. Goldratt dispels these wrongful suspicions in “The Goal” with the following statement:

“The constraint here is not in production. The constraint is marketing’s ability to sell[2].

[1] Rand, G. K (2000) “International Journal of Project Management” pp. 173-177

[2] Goldratt, E.M & Cox, J (1984) “The Goal” North River Press (1986)

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