Essay: Credo

Essay: Credo
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Man often has questions in his mind, to identify the purpose and meaning to his life and whether it is possible to have a common good in order to live a life with peace and harmony. The sacred aspect of humans entails the person’s ability to practice liberty and a life beyond materialism. What is more important is the understanding of your own life outcomes in accomplishing a life that is a logical and has significant harmony. Literary writers and philosophers in the historic and contemporary world have tried to reveal the truth behind these possible questions to help us find a purpose of a meaningful life.

Gloria Naylor in her compilation of seven short stories in The Women of Brewster place fulfills the same desire and longing for meaning in life. “You constantly live in a fantasy world—always going to extremes—turning butterflies into eagles, and life isn’t about that. It’s accepting what is and working from that.” (Naylor, 85) The dreariness of the gray apartment buildings, the stuffiness because of the brick wall, and the severance make the women of Brewster Place racial, social, and economic victims. Yet they come together finally to tear down the wall, which increasingly seems a manifestation of their oppression, using “knives, plastic forks, spiked shoe heels, and even bare hands” (Naylor, 101) to dismantle it.

With this one symbolic act, they demonstrate their determination to change their lives for the better. The ending of the story is a true depiction of breaking the world apart to find the cause of living and the meaning to life. The novel appears to end triumphantly when the women tear down the wall, brick by brick, at a block party that celebrates the power of community. This is a deceptive resolution, however, because the block party has happened only in Mattie’s dream. The ambiguity of the ending gives the story a mythic quality by stressing the continual possibility of dreams and the results of their adjournment.

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