Essay: What does criminal justice theories offer

Essay: What does criminal justice theories offer
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Theory offers an explanation of the acquisition, maintenance, and change in criminal and deviant behavior that embraces social, nonsocial, and cultural factors operating both to motivate and control criminal behavior and both to promote and undermine conformity. Therefore, individuals learn aggression through life experiences (Chappell, 2005, p. 164). As a result, rape criminal’s aggressive or violent or sexual assault behaviors are learned via behavior modeling from family interactions, mass media and environmental experiences.

The learning experiences that contribute to crime of rape behaviors are exposure to events that heightens arousal, aggressive skills and consistency of behavior with values. On the other hand criminal’s intelligence is linked to a greater extend with criminals of rape. For instance studies by Herrnstein & Murray (1998) indicated that rape criminal offenders have an average IQ (Intelligent Quotient) of 92.

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