Essay: Why Criminals Commit Crimes

Essay: Why Criminals Commit Crimes
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However, all of the factors above still do not give the true reason why criminals choose to commit crimes rather than be proper, functioning members of society. The true reason behind this is simple. They base their decisions to commit crimes on a risk and reward basis. They make the choice to commit crimes rather than being law abiding citizens because they see the rewards of such an act to be far greater than the risk. Although it is true that there are environmental factors that cause crime are still prevalent and need to be dealt with, there is no true way for government to deal with all of them in a feasible manner.

They cannot change the values instilled in children, nor can they ensure proper parental support for all children (Wilson, Thinking About Crime , 1975). If the majority of crimes are committed by young males 20 to 30 years of age should the government ensure that such males fitting this criterion are executed in order to ensure the rule of law?

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