Essay: Criteria Evaluation for Office Suites

Essay: Criteria Evaluation for Office Suites
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MS Office

The price range of Microsoft’s Office starts from $150 for the Office Home and Student Edition and goes up to $680 for Office Ultimate 2007. There are other options available as well such as Office 2007 Basic which is only available with the new system as well as Office Professional Plus 2007 and Office Enterprise 2007 which are only available under volume licensing agreement (Microsoft Corporation).

The Suite is available free of cost from the website. Furthermore, free CD-ROM of suite is available from a number of distributions centers present throughout the world (

Google Apps

Google Apps come in two versions. Google Apps Education Edition is free of cost, while the Google Apps Business Edition is available for use at the cost of $50 per user per year. It also provides a 30 day free trial of Google Apps Business as well (Google Inc.).


MS Office

MS Office 2007 performs much better than its predecessors. In many comparison reviews, it has also been determined that MS Office is also faster than any other Office Suite in performing a number of tasks (Bonfield and Quinn).

The is said to be a bit slower than its pricey competitor. However, the performance difference is almost negligible when the most recent versions are compared (Bonfield and Quinn).

Google Apps

The Google Apps suite is an online application suite. Therefore, its performance only depends upon how fast Google’s server are and how much load they are catering to at that moment (Google Inc.).

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