Essay: Critical Review of Article on Health Care

Essay: Critical Review of Article on Health Care
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The author evaluates both sides of the issue, from the perspective of patients and the perspective of hospital which for the last several years are running into debt. The authors also describe the pricing which varies from the hospital to hospital and services  detailing that in some cases most of the hospitals charge less from uninsured while the others charge more from the ininsured patients and commercial patients and less from insured patients. They  also describe the relative differences in price within the same hospital who are getting the same services altogether. By the drastic increase in the number of uninsured patients in the last several years in US hospital are unprepared to cater the patients effectively and charge relatively higher prices than insured patients. They discussed every aspect about all categories and problems in the paper (Melnick & Fonkych, 2008).

Yes, obviously biases are involved in all categories in the health care system of California. In which we easily get the idea about the higher prices charged from the uninsured patients than insured patients. It is true that in many of the states insured patients get good services because of the insured status but it doesn’t mean that we can ignore the uninsured patients and charge from them a comparatively high prices particulalrly in case of commercial patients who subsequently paid relatively higher price from all of the categories out there.

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