Essay: The Cruel Masters

Essay: The Cruel Masters
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The story of Mathabane is replete with the events that reflect the inhuman system of South Africa that included the fright of mothers for being deported, the separation of the immigrant employees from their families for several years, the only options left for the youth were the way to crime or prostitution in order to earn living.

The dilemma described in the book is that not only the Whites made the lives of the Black South Africans miserable, but the powerful Blacks further aggravated the miseries of the poor South Africans as ‘they turn into more sadistic taskmasters than their superiors’ (Davis). But the fact that Mathabane is able to free himself from the petty treatment of the cruel masters is that it is his fortune that blesses him the chance to be the best tennis player and thus he was able to gain support from the Whites. Mathabane attempts to free himself from the ‘double yoke of apartheid and tribalism’ (Mathabane). But he leaves his family for his own liberty and career which puts a question mark on his moral responsibility, as he reminiscences of the event of his leaving home when his car ‘left the yard and went up the potholed street, I turned my head for a last look at my family standing in a row’ who were grieved at the idea of his leaving but Mathabane did not ‘turn back’ and ‘followed destiny’ (Mathabane).

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