Essay: Changes in Cuba after the Revolution

Essay: Changes in Cuba after the Revolution
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The Cuban Revolution is one that has had far reaching implications on the development and present state of human society. Not only has the Cuban revolution caused a shift in numerous perceptions that are currently prevalent in the Cuban society but the long term trends in the country have also been deeply influenced. Amongst the affected areas, education, society and the perception of gender roles are the key areas affected.

This paper shall present an elaboration on the shift in the perception of gender roles in Cuba and shall make use of the evolution of these gender roles under the impacts of the Cuban Revolution in order to do so. To change the world my years in Cuba by Margaret Randall and Che’s Afterlife: The Legacy of an Image by Michael Casey.  In doing so, the paper will attempt to establish the authenticity of the two books while providing an insight into the implications of the Cuban Revolution on the perception roles.

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