Essay: Cultural Behavior and Genital Connection

Essay: Cultural Behavior and Genital Connection
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An extensive study he did over the genetic evolution and identification of the different phenotypes. His personality had been banned for some time being a racialist. Though he was against the racial discrimination completely, he said that “I don’t like to use the notion of race (which does not exist)…We must not attach an obsession to it. It is a hazard of the evolution” (BookRags 2006). He was sorry for picking out these biased concepts but his struggle was basically because of the racial classes that Europeans and Americans had created very firmly (BookRags 2006).

Dr. Diop had to face a lot of criticism that he answered in a scrupulously evident manner. Diop’s major accomplishment is probably how he proved the commonality between the cultural behavior and genital connection between the people of Nile, Euthopia, Sudan etc. In this paper conversation is just an account of the above-mentioned points. Truly Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop upholds the Africa’s involvement in the World’s development process (BookRags 2006).

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