Essay: Cultural Differences in US and Germany

Essay: Cultural Differences in US and Germany
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The cultural aspect which made the economies of these two countries develop in a varied manner is that the United States has a consumerist market where the target market wants to spend money because they have a larger level of disposable income. Moreover the phenomenon of new money also comes into play here which states that people of have recently acquired wealth or are exposed to higher level of salaries tend to be less cautious about their purchasing and investment trends.

The increased level of savings and disposable income had led to a significant level of increase tin their wealth. As a result, the country faced better economic periods the population of the country started investing in growing markets and industries as well as in the government of the country itself. This made the country develop a diverse capital infrastructure.

Germany, on the other hand, is very much like the other European countries that were facing economic barriers to trade after the World War. This made the country be more organized and work from the pockets and funds of the banks and intermediaries who had access to the monetary reserves in the regions. Aside from this due to the historic nature of the region and the cultural ties the people in the country had to others in the European region, they were highly conservative and savings oriented. After the war, the population of Germany was focusing on surviving through the harsh times while saving for their children’s and the generations of the futures. This combined with the autocratic nature and culture of the people led to the development of the already existing bureaucratic government and public corporate system.

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