Essay: Cultural Differences in Brazil and the US

Essay: Cultural Differences in Brazil and the US
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The cultures of Brazil and the US differ in a number of ways. Economy wise the US is significantly ahead of Brazil, offering its inhabitants a good lifestyle and opportunities, in contrast to Brazil which still copes with poverty related issues and is significantly below in terms of its economy and opportunities that it offers to its people. This fact is represented in Brazil as the fact that majority of its residents believe that the power is distributed unequally which may lead the manager to experience either a very obedient attitude or a significantly hostile attitude from the locals as they would always differentiate themselves from the manager due to his higher position.

This is in contrast to how the distribution of power is perceived in the US society where the majority of individuals perceive that power is distributed in an equal manner. Furthermore, the culture in the US is mostly male dominated, where much of the roles in the society are performed by male individuals, as compare to Brazil which has a relatively equal distribution of roles in the society between both females and males, therefore it might be expected that the team of the locals in Brazil that the manager will work with will have a greater number of female individuals than the team he was managing in the US. Furthermore, the society in Brazil thrives on collectivism at both workplaces and with family. This means that Brazilians can be expected to bond together strongly while working in a team and depend on each other for support. They can be expected to be loyal to the group they belong to, be it their family or work colleagues. Contrary to this, the cultural values in the US promote a highly individualistic behavior. In the US, individuals can be expected to be self-reliant and look out for themselves while maintaining a more individualistic attitude and relatively loose bonds with each other. Furthermore, the society in Brazil is more long-term oriented than that in the US which means that two common characteristics of Brazilian society are thrift and perseverance among individuals, as compared to the US Society which has more respect for tradition and fulfilling social obligations.

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