Essay: Cultural Differences

Essay: Cultural Differences
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In a world which has effectively become globalized and flat, the ability of individuals as well as companies to have an effective presence internationally is considered an important ingredient for their personal and commercial success.   This means that they should not only be aware of the differences in how the business in conducted in different parts of the world but should also have an understanding of the behavior and cultural attributes of its clients. Hence, it can be said that understanding of the cultural difference plays a key role in the international success of any business.

Through gaining the understanding of the difference in response of clients, what the clients actually means by what they say and how the results are evaluated in different cultures, companies conducting their businesses globally have a better chance of developing their strength in the international market. On personal basis as well, individual that are constantly on the move, need to have a similar understanding and attitude toward others in order to work successfully with teams from different cultural backgrounds (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2006). The purpose of this paper is to highlight how cultures differentiate from each other and the steps that can be taken to address to reduce the most significant differences. For this purpose, a scenario has been used which states that a manager working for a typical individual US organization has been asked to relocate to Brazil in order to lead a team of locals on a relatively long term basis. In order to be successful, it is important to understand the cultural difference that would be experienced by the manager and the locals as well and steps should be taken in order to reduce any major cultural differences. This paper will analyze how the culture in the US and Brazil differ from each other and what could be done in order to prevent a cultural shock in such a situations.

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