Essay: Cultural Globalization

Essay: Cultural Globalization
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Sociology itself and sociologists have two different tasks with a view to cultural globalization. One is the technical task of considering the occurrence of cultural globalization in all its implications. The second task is the ideological task so that the oppression of cultural domination and the development of cultural domination are resisted with all their intellectual power so that humanism is what we are left with in reality. (De Tocqueville, 1969)

They furthermore downplay the function of state; for them the state in the form a few (homo politicus as Dahl had it) does not play a significant role. Dahl distinguishes most of the persons in the humanity as homo civicus and persons who do not have much interest in the political affairs. Simmel’s perceptive of modernity is rather different. He concentrated on modern lifestyles and the changes that modernity implied, in perceptions of liberty and momentum and the pace of substitution. (Simmel, 1964)

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