Essay: Cultural Shocks between Brazil and the US

Essay: Cultural Shocks between Brazil and the US
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The first cultural shock that would be experienced by the manager and the team will be the difference in the level of individualism among them. While the manager will be used to work with teams that could perform tasks independently of each other, the local team would expect that work would be assigned to them in the form of groups where they can support each other. Furthermore, the difference in the perception of powers distribution may also create a shock for the manager which would experience a total acceptance of order without much deliberation, in contrast to the US society where one is expected to think or even question others. Furthermore, the difference in the level of acceptance of uncertainty would also be a major difference among them as Brazilian would be less adamant to any change that would be brought in by the new manager, who would be expecting the team to accept the change more readily.

Priorities and Steps Taken to Minimize the Cultural Difference

In order to effectively manage the local team, the manager must take care of the differences with regards to individualism, uncertainty avoidance, and performance orientation. In order to communicate and work effectively, the manager would have to lay out a careful plan. In order to tackle the difference in individualism characteristics, the manager will have to plan work in such a way that would allow his team to work in a group as well as support each other. Furthermore, since change is a part of any business, therefore the manager would be required to communicate effectively with his team as well as run a training program in order to address the issues his team might have and attempt to convince them of the advantages of the change. In this regard, informal meetings and gathering can be used to build up a relationship and trust with the team, which would entice them toward accepting the change. Furthermore, pushing the limit of the capabilities of the team will also be important to the manager. Hence, the manager would also require its team to think positively about their capabilities. Through positive evaluation sessions and implementation of a reward program, the manager can effectively interest his team into performing beyond what they think they are capable of.

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