Essay: The Culture of America

Essay: The Culture of America
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The culture of America has changed by leaps and bounds, this includes the fact that a person who can just read and write is no more considered educated until he gets proper schooling and unless he grooms himself to be a computer literate. The American culture has changed so much that even the people in America did not know themselves that there lifestyle is going to change entirely in the next half century. Now from dawn to dusk, most of the official and domestic stuff is performed on computer.

Every transaction, including farming activities to the supply of basic necessities, has been computerized now. Banking, food delivery to home, water supply, shopping, reading, writing, everything has lost its actual medium and has turned to computers now because this is the place where one can perform all of them. Today, in America, only a few jobs would be there without the requirement of computer literacy. Through computers many of the job positions have been introduced such as software developers, software engineers, hardware technicians, network administrator etc. People in America are found to be more impatient now because they require rapid results now. A habit of multitasking has become very regular in culture. People dine, work, communicate, and get entertained at the same time through this single medium.

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