Essay: Culture of Fear resulting from Swine Flu propaganda

Essay: Culture of Fear resulting from Swine Flu propaganda
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At the beginning of 2009, a new type of flu strain was discovered infecting humans. This variant of flu was then traced back to have its origin from pigs; hence it was referred to as “Swine Flu.” Soon, a number of cases of swine flu began to emerge and it was rapidly felt that the case of swine flu might be getting out of control. Therefore, the WHO declared it as a pandemic and announced it a public health emergency.

With the media playing an active role in raising awareness against the pandemic, as well as bringing in updates to the general public, an impression was given to the public that swine flu was truly an issue that needed all our attention. Desperate measures were needed to be taken in order to prevent it from becoming a disease that could cause large number of deaths. However, behind all this projection of swine flu cases, a number of facts were not realized by the public due to the mass fear that was created by the media and the governmental organizations. Nevertheless, the threat of the swine flu has been blown out of proportions and a even a minor effort to further investigate the facts and events would reveal that the situation is very much contradictory to what is general public is lead to believe. Swine flu is more of a propaganda created by the TV, radio, newspapers, and the governmental organizations such as the Centre for Diseases Control and Treatment and the World Health Organization created to provide business opportunities for corporations particularly the pharmaceutical corporations by raising fear among the population.

Media has often been criticized for spreading false or fictitious news. Though they never stop claiming that they present an “unbiased view” of the picture, their claim is far from true. This argument is backed by the fact that these news organizations are in fact business organizations that have similar supply and demand processes, as well as competitors as any other business sector. It is because of this need of maintaining business and remaining ahead of other businesses, that they often give tremendous significance to events that do not deserve such importance (Altheide 647-668).

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