Essay: Current Choice of Operating System

Essay: Current Choice of Operating System
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Microsoft Windows Server

The Windows Server Edition is one of the most widely used operating systems by Microsoft Corporation, designed to facilitate PC’s use as a host for running applications.  The major advantage of using Windows Server operating system is that it offers a familiar and user friendly interface which can be easily understood.  It also offers ease of administration through the use of wizards which automate many tasks as well excellent application support, due to the fact the Windows in generally is the most popular operating system in the world.

It also offers ASP.NET which makes use of latest technology to optimize connectivity as well as application task performance for Internet base applications. The strength of Windows Server operating system is that it is able to support a large number of devices (interoperability) and thus has a lot of support for scalability. However, Windows offers several significant disadvantages as well. Windows Microsoft is an expensive product and is also very famous for being the prime target of attackers who exploit the vulnerabilities in Windows (even Server version) to cause loss and damage to the companies around the world. However, Microsoft offers an excellent after sales support and patches for discovered vulnerabilities are made available as soon as possible on their website.


Linux is another operating system that has gained a lot of popularity among online service providers. Though the Linux operating system does not have a familiar and user-friendly interface as Windows, its strength lies in its flexibility, stability, and cheap price. Linux also offers a variety of application development frameworks to be deployed and used in application development. Currently, Linux in combination with its web server (Apache) and other services is the most preferred choice worldwide for hosting Internet applications. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Linux is the availability of its source code without any charge. This enables the developers to tune any core component of Linux operating system to suit the requirement of an application that they are building. It has also been shown that the Linux operating system performs much better than Window when it comes to handling a large number of processes (Webmaster Tips, 2006). The disadvantages of Linux include limited vendor support because of the fact that it is not as widely used as Windows, and thus offer a limited option for scalability. The administration of Linux is also much complex as compared to Windows as most of the administration is done through command lines.

Recommended Solution

The company should prefer Linux operating system over Windows, because of its stability, performance, price, and flexibility. The Linux operating system also offers better security options than Windows due to the fact that its free source code allows developers around the world to fix the bugs and publish their solution which can then be used by others.

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