Essay: Current Desktop Operating System

Essay: Current Desktop Operating System
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Today’s business demand operating systems which complement and enhance their ability to match the pace at which business is done. A number of operating systems are available in the market, which presents a challenge to the organization to choose which one is best for their needs. In the following paper, we have reviewed Windows Vista, OpenSuse 11.1 and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) on the basis of a set of their price, performance, features, technology and hardware support, and have provided a conclusion based on our findings.


Windows Vista

Microsoft offers Windows Vista in various versions depending on the functionality and application present in the Operating System. Windows Vista is a quite expensive than its predecessor. Its Home Basic version costs around $199 while the Vista Ultimate Edition is around $315 (BizRate, 2009). It features applications Internet Explorer 7 browser, Windows Mail Client for emails, Windows Calendar for task scheduling and appointments, Windows Security Centre for Internet Security, Windows Defender Antispyware, Windows Meeting Space for ad hoc wireless meetings Windows Sideshow for Remote Gadgets, Windows Bitlocker for Hard drive encryption and integrated smart card management. Windows Vista also has the widest hardware and software support than any other operating system (Vamosi, 2007).

Open Suse 11.1

OpenSuse 11.1 is available in the market at the price of $59.95 (Novell Corporation, 2009). It features an improved version of Yast, the system administrator tool. One of the most important applications included with OpenSuse is OpenOffice 3.0 Novell Edition, which features a word processing application, spreadsheet, presentation maker and a lot of other tools which enhance office productivity. OpenOffice is also able to read Microsoft Office files include files saved from Office 2007. Another new application called Tasque, allows you to manage a to-do list.  It can also synchronize with Remember the Milk, an online task manager so that your task list is always available to you (OpenSuse, 2009).

Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)

MacOS X price ranges from $29 for single user edition to $499 for Mac Os X Server edition. Commenting on the price and features of OS X, Bertrand Serlet, Apple’s  Senior Vice President said “For just $29, Leopard users get a smooth upgrade to the world’s most advanced operating system and the only system with built in Exchange support.” (Apple Inc., 2009).  Apart from this huge feature, OS X Mail email client, iCal Calendar Application as well as the Address book (Apple Inc., 2009).


Windows Vista

On AnandTech Website, Vista has been evaluated as a worthy upgrade and an even better choice as an operating system for a new computer. Furthermore, it says that “…there are numerous useful features in Vista that warrant an upgrade if you find that you’re the kind of person that will use them. Vista’s Super Fetch and Search technology are both reasons enough to migrate from XP, as they easily improve productivity and performance”. While comparing to XP, however, AnandTech says “Among those that won’t become switchers, Microsoft’s own worst enemy is itself, as it needs to prove that Vista is a worthwhile upgrade to XP when XP is already so refined.” (Smith, 2007).

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