Essay: Current State of military recruitment

Essay: Current State of military recruitment
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According to Dean Sinclair in his literature review on homosexuals and the military, he gives statistics stating that originally the number of discharged individuals from the American military numbered 17,000. The current don’t ask don’t tell policy was the result of a compromise reached between President Clinton and the Congress. This policy rather than increasing recruitment into the military actually resulted in 10,000 discharges between 1994 and 2003 (Sinclair, 2009).

According to Don M. Snider in his writings on “America’s Postmodern Military”, the gradual shift in viewpoints and policies of the military, are a direct result of lower recruitment since the end of the Cold War. With fewer and fewer civilians being recruited into the army, military commanders and their soldiers no longer see themselves as part of the public, but rather a separate entity altogether. The last bastion of integrity protecting their country’s values (Snider, 2000).

Belkin writes In deference to the American military’s statements, the public viewpoint is in support of repealing this law. Every single poll taken by news organizations has shown the majority of the public support the inclusion of gays in the military. Every single poll shows 58% to 79% of the public support the inclusion of homosexuals in the military. This group of individuals also includes the primarily Republican viewership of Fox News and church going individuals, the same individuals who are vehemently against homosexuality. Belkin suggests that even though these polls do not suggest a negative view of the military, they do provide sufficient cause for concern in cases of future recruitment (Belkin, 2008).

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