Essay: How Curses are Initiated

Essay: How Curses are Initiated
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Curses are initiated by numerous distinct sins. A partial register is discovered in Deuteronomy 27:15-26. The register of curse-initiating sins encompasses, witchcraft, sexy perversion, robbing, shedding blameless body-fluid, being an assassin, killing, betraying in enterprise or shattering covenants, dishonoring parents, mishandling widows, orphans, the handicapped, immigrants, the poor or young children, anti-Semitism, and not giving our tithes.  Many unidentified generational curses hinder the inhabits of the saints.

We do not need to understand the entire minutia to eliminate them. To be free from curses we should plead, confess our sins and repent of them, pardon all who have outraged us, renounce witchcraft and the bad sins of our ancestors.  We then will be able to ascertain what pertains to us through the traverse, shatter the power of all curses in the title of Jesus and issue us from the administration and penalties of our ancestors’ curses.  Then we stroll out of jail, shatter the chains and declare our flexibility in Christ. It may engage restitution, good thing our foes, a plea of belief for healing and instructing demons to leave. It may need a change of way of life and allotments of proclamations to obtain God’s blessings and favor. (Sandford, 1992)

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