Essay: The Customer is Always Right

Essay: The Customer is Always Right
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The customer is always right and the customer is king. I have always heard of these phrases in my marketing class. The customer does not have to be right all the time. He/she can be wrong as well. We can always let the customer know when he is wrong; but what if the customer does not like being called wrong. Customer is very important for even the smallest business. If a customer is unaware of something he will surely be wrong about it when discussing it with you. It is factual and the customer needs to be taught about the product or service before being termed as wrong. An ethical and moral aspect to terming the customer as wrong should be followed. Online businesses do not come face to face with the customers so they don’t have to follow the rule.

Topic and focus

“Customer is always right”. Focus remains on proving if this phrase holds true in this era of competitiveness and whether the customer is 100 percent right or not. What should be done to handle customers when they are wrong?


  1. The customer is always right since the customer has a benefit of the doubt due to unawareness of the services of product that the business will offer.
  2. If the customer is wrong, it will not be ethical or wise to say it on their face except for some instances when actually it is necessary.
  3. Customer is very important to any business and if not handled with fragility the business might lose not one but many customers
  4. Exception do exist where the customer can be straight away termed as wrong

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