Essay: Customer Relationship Management Software

Essay: Customer Relationship Management Software
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Many organizations implement a separate process which is used to maintain their relationship with entities that they interact with. These customers not only include those individuals and organizations which purchase products or services from these organization but also the vendors and supplier of products and services that these organizations purchase from.

Information Technology has also allowed for automation and facilitation of this process as well and this has been achieved by using Customer Relationship Management Software. The uses of CRM software by organization allow them to address customer needs, especially when using an online or web-base application. It also allows them to make an informed decision by make use of the intelligence that they gather from their customer while interacting with them. This intelligence is used to manage or improve customer performance as well as to predict customer retention and response rates. Furthermore, the use of CRM allows organization to focus the delivery of customer intelligence to the right departments as well as enable them to better customer service delivery, which not only builds greater customer loyalty and satisfaction but also create more stronger and intimate customer relationship. Within the organization, CRM software helps in the management of the sales force functions and reduces the time wasted on tasks such as scheduling of an appointment with the customer (Injazz  Popovich 2003).

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