Essay: Customer is always right

Essay: Customer is always right
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Customers are the greatest asset for any business and no matter, right or wrong, the business cannot do without them; they might not be hundred percent right all of the time, but they should still be given a benefit of doubt. Customers need to feel pleased, feel like an entity and it is extremely necessary to personally know your customers and listen to them. Always remember that the first impression is the last impression, thus handling customers with a great attitude will be auspicious and empowering for the business which is stated by Balachandran (2007), “empowering customers can take place by providing them with sufficient knowledge or the nature of business and their products.”  However every rule has its exceptions, so does this one.

Undoubtedly a customer is right all the time except when he or she is genuinely not right. Customers are like blood to a business and the absence of a proper clientele is deleterious to the business making it unable to survive in this competition. It is this premise that leads to the saying that the customer is always right. Unluckily the online business industry has abjured this concept totally. Looking at the phrase closely, we can see that when it’s not convenient for the business, or when the consumer asks for somewhat negative, which could have an effect on the company’s income streams or business standing, the customer can be termed as wrong. However, they should be treated fairly, no matter if they are right or wrong, because if a business loses one customer, it means many potential customers that could be referred by him will also be lost.

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