Essay: Cyborgs and the Idea of Human-Machine Integration

Essay: Cyborgs and the Idea of Human-Machine Integration
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6.1 Introduction

Having explored the possibility of a Technological Singularity, how much it is going to benefit the mankind and various points of view that exist in the industry, there is also one area which needs further exploration. When talking about exploring the technologies that have been, are and will be included in Human-Computer Interaction devices, it is important to explore the possibilities of where the improvement in HCI technology can lead up to.

There is a large amount of literature available over the Internet which discusses the possibility of integration between machines/computers and human taking place in the future. It not only discusses the possibility but also the extent to which the merger will take place as well as its role in the creation of a singularity. A number of points of views are available on the probability of such a merger happening as well on its advantages and disadvantages. It is also interesting to discuss this topic here because the integration of humans and machines, as well as computers, is already taking place with a number of implants being placed on human, animals and insects alike either for the restoration of their lost function or to give a boost to their current abilities. However, it is predicted that in the future we could see full fledge cybernetic organisms in which all of the vital functions of the human body will be assisted by technology, thereby realizing the dream of a bionic person which only existed in film fifty years ago from now.

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