Essay: Cyborgs in Today’s World

Essay: Cyborgs in Today’s World
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In today’s world Cyborgs can be found everywhere. The integration of electromechanical devices in the human body has been taking place for some time now.  Medical science has handled numerous cases now in which the body a man or a woman was fitted with implants. The concept of Cyborg specified two classifications of Cyborgs. The individual Cyborgs are the humans which are either with bionic or robotics arm. One the other hand, the term social Cyborg describes the large network of communication and control. For example, cities, the road networks, the software network as well as markets, governments and corporations and the collection of all these entities together. A corporation can be equated to an artificial intelligence in a sense that it uses replaceable human components to perform various functions. In an organization, the employees at all levels can be thought of as replaceable agents of their functional intelligent Institute, regardless of the fact that such a view is desirable or not (Clark, 2004).

Uses in Medical Profession

The medical professional has been working on individual Cyborgs for a long time now. The medical profession itself differentiates between the different types of implant that it uses. These are classified as restorative implants and enhancing implants. The restorative implants are used to restore lost functions, organs or limbs. The key aspect behind the use of restorative implants is the repair of broken or missing pieces only in order to bring back the healthy level of a function for which the implants has been used. These implants do not enhance any functionalities of the body. Examples of these implants include bionic limbs implants, a pacemaker which is used as a heart replacement, cochlear implants (bionic ear), retinal implants for blinds, as well as the installation of bionic arms on James Sullivan, whose had his both arm amputated after receiving a high voltage shock while working as electricians. These limbs were integrated into James body through nerve-muscle grafting. The enhancing implants, on the other hand, follow the principle of maximizing output while minimizing input. Thus these implants are used to exceed the normal human body functions or gain new functionality not offered by the body. An example of Cyborg having enhancing implants is the British Scientist, Dr. Kevin Warwick, who had an array of 100 electrodes installed into his nervous system in 2002. This allowed him to link his nervous system to the Internet and carry out a number of experiments which included an extension of his nervous system over the Internet to remotely control a robotic hand, a loudspeaker, and an amplifier. In the current prosthetic application, the C-Leg system which has been developed by Otto Bock Healthcare is another example of the restorative implant which is used to replace the human leg that has been lost due to illness or injury.

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