Essay: Cyborgs

Essay: Cyborgs
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Cyborgs are defined as part human part machine bodies in which human organs and mechanical and electronic devices work together to form a symbiotic relationship with each other. The concept of humans and machine existing in a single encapsulation is not recent. As a matter of fact, the original idea of a body in which human body and machines/computers are closely integrated together can be traced back to as early as 1908,  Jean de la Hire wrote introduce the concept in his novel.

This work was also the first to introduce the first true superhero in fiction. Though the idea is pretty old itself, the term “Cyborg” was introduced by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline in 1960s in one of their article discussing the advantages that can be offered by the presence of self-regulating part-human-part-machine systems in the outer space. Cyborgs have been portrayed in the fiction as a synthesis of organic and synthetic parts, where synthetic parts of the body supplement or enhance the capabilities of the human body thus making the synthesis more power than a human or a machine/computer. However, in reality, a Cyborg is simply defined as a human body which is attached with electronics or electro-mechanical devices, which allow it to enhance its capabilities to repair or overcome its physical and mental constraints. By this definition, any person who has been fitted with any device on any parts of his or her body in order to facilitate any function of the body can be classified as a Cyborg (Clark, 2004).

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