Essay: What are Cysts

Essay: What are Cysts
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Cysts are spherical and are 12-15 micrometers in diameter with a refractile wall. It has a cytoplasm containing chromatoidal bodies that are dark staining and also contains one to four nuclei with evenly distributed peripheral chromatin (Ghaffar, 2010). Cysts split from an active trophozoite through the binary fission process.

Each cyst contains a cell nucleus which helps in the production of more trophozoites later when excreted. The cysts will leave the large intestines in stool once it has matured by dividing into four nuclei. The walls of the cysts offers protection once excreted and can therefore survive for longer periods unlike trophozoites that quickly die due to heat and moisture exposure. Both cysts and trophozoites are excreted in stool with cysts being found in formed stools.

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