Essay: Dante’s Inferno

Essay: Dante’s Inferno
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Dante’s Inferno teaches us that everyone at some point in their life is tempted to do something, however, their ability to reason allows them to make the right choices. Those who consistently choose to make the wrong choices may find themselves not leading a life of meaning and purpose. “Justice moved my High Maker; Divine Power made me, Wisdom Supreme, and Primal Love. Before me nothings were created, but eternal, and eternal I endure: Leave all hope, ye that enter” (Dante, Canto III: 22) In order to keep people in check and in line, society has rules and laws that allow others to lead a meaningful life. Inferno deals with humanity’s powerlessness in a world of torment, evil, disease, and death. “Without hope we live in desire.” (Dante, Canto IV:  27)

Rebellion is futile, for it leads to pride and retribution. Those who pursue wealth and fame find that their goals inevitably become the instruments of their torture. Love turns to hate, friends become enemies, and virtues are transformed into vices. Therefore, forging a just society for the common good so that everyone enjoys a better and liberal life, here and thereafter, is the responsibility of each individual. Furthermore, such actions would empower everybody to hold up some explicit idea of the ordinary superiority, infringing the liberty of individuals who do not contribute to that objective, and unavoidably leading to creating a pattern and thus daunting a common preference on everyone resulting in oppression, and coercion.

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