Essay: Data analysis based on Data collection

Essay: Data analysis based on Data collection
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Data collection plays an important role in data analysis because poor data is not fixed through better analysis. This job is performed by trained interviewers or generally a research department which is specialized in data collection methods. There are different errors that take place in data collection process such as no sampling error.

This error is caused by the factors other than sampling errors. The error usually results in selected irrelevant and relatively poor elements of the population which may not be very effective in responding data collection forms. There are other factors as well such as wrongs subjects for an interview, wrong information and dishonest interviewers who cheat on data collection and fill fictitious forms. Sometimes there is a huge possibility in making nonsampling errors. Even honest interviewers make errors while transferring wrong information in their survey forms and misrepresentation of the data often result in errors (Burns, Bush, 5th Ed, p. 33).

  • Analyzing Data:

Data analysis is the crucial part of any research. Researchers today use different software to analyze and present data. For instance, the statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) is software that helps in the analysis of data and its presentation. On the other hand, Excel is also used for data analysis and presentation (Burns, Bush, 5th Ed, p. 33). Similarly, there is much other software which now plays a key role in statistical procedures in research. Data analysis is the process of data entry into computer files, estimating errors in data, tabulation and conducting various other statistical tests. Researchers currently use average computation and measures of dispersion for some major variables and apply advanced statistical techniques and models to extend their addition findings ((Kotler, Keller, 13th Ed). ABR survey results have to be analyzed critically and appropriately. Usually, a data set of large sample size is difficult to analyze but computer software made it easy for researchers to analyze and present their data. Data presentation can be in the form of tables and graphs. The graphical presentation is for two variables at most and tabular presentation presents more than two variables at once.

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