Essay: Data Collection Method

Essay: Data Collection Method
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In this research, it is conclusive that it is built on an amalgamation of secondary and primary data.

3.2.1 Secondary Data

The secondary data is gathered from multiple sources. This includes the academic sources. The use of this secondary multiple source data helps the researcher with a chance to formulate an objective and logical study. Also included in this secondary data is the commercial data which entails the outlining current conditions, which are probably to confront the academic ensembles.

3.2.2 Primary Data

In this research, we combine secondary and primary data in the same study. The primary data is hauled out through the transmission of interview based on an unstructured questionnaire. Unstructured questionnaires are known to be an apt data collection technique as the information they disclose matches up to the researcher’s plan of examining, construing and reacting to new appropriate insight rather than attaining any overviews which are like a law (Rundle-Thiele and Mackay 2001). This is why questionnaires are an ordinary data collection technique in investigative research processes. In the present context, each subject was interviewed on the campus of Durham University.

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