Essay: Data Networks

Essay: Data Networks
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One of the important aspects that Information technology has brought forward is telecommunications. Communication networks play an increasingly important role in an ever shrinking business world. Organizations, big or small, used these networks to exchange information even beyond geographical boundaries.  Through research, new communication standards are developed on a regular basis which when employed, not only enhances organizations capacity to communicate.

This phenomenon, not only highlight the strong need for data communication and networks in a business environment, but it also highlights the importance of learning about these technologies, so that they can be employed in efficient ways to meet business demands. Through my experiences at DBR Technologies, I have also been able to learn a lot about current data communications technologies, networking standards and the equipment that is used to implement them.

My work at DBR Technology involved experiences in Network Administration as well as System Administration. This involved me to have an excellent background in Data Communication and Networks. To enhance my knowledge of Data Communication and Networks, I used the book called Computer Networks by V.S.Bagad and I.A. Dhotre which played a significant role in building my concepts of OSI  Physical and Data Link Level Technologies such as Ethernet and 802.11 Standard as well as higher level protocol which are included in the TCP/IP Suite. I also learned about different LAN and WAN Hierarchies such as Bus Topology, Star Topology, and Mashed Networks. This information was quite useful for me when I was tasked to design and implement a TCP/IP LAN Network to provide services like files and printer sharing as well as setting up VOIP services and Web Servers.

Most of the LAN Network was Wireless enabled and used 802.11g standard for communicating, however, CAT5e cables were also used to provide connectivity to some computers with 100Mbps Ethernet link through a Managed Switch. The configuration required me to configure a domain on the network to which every user can log on to using Windows XP/Vista and Windows 2003 Server. Each user was given a username and password which was configured on the domain controller computer and unique IP were assigned to each user using the DHCP protocol. The network had a printer as which was assigned a static IP to differentiate it from computers. The sharing of files and printers was achieved through the configuration of File & Printer Sharing Service and Internet Connectivity was provided through the use of Network Address Translation (NAT). Each user was given access to an important directory on servers through drive mapping.  The physical connectivity also required me to prepare straight and crossover UTP cables using the crimping tool. The wireless enabled computers were connected with each other through a wireless router which required configuration of network settings as well as enabling of WPA2 security protocol on the devices. To provide security from external attacks, a firewall was also installed which was configured to provide controlled access through the use of Access Control Lists. The network was connected to this firewall through a router which was used to isolate the business network domain. The Internet connectivity was provided through a 20Mbps DSL connection which connected to the firewall through an Optical Link.

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