Essay: Database ERP in Bank

Essay: Database ERP in Bank
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More over the data will be available for the for the other branches to access which will make it possible for the ABC bank to add another form of retail banking facility for its clients which would be inter branch compatibility and account access and transfer in real time. The employees of the company will be provided with password protected registration logs which can be accessed through their workstation on the private extranet only. This will provide for security of the information and the system.

At the backend of the system a large data repository will be set up which would be a collection of multiple databases. This can take the form of a data warehouse which can be implemented by NCR or Oracle siolut9ion providers. This data warehouse would enable the ABC bank to store large amounts of information while making the information accessible as well as computable. Data warehousing is a recent development in data storage picking up favorability in financial sector. “Banks’ data warehouses are expanding the volume of information that is captured and putting it into usable form. The information is also being refreshed, or updated, far more frequently.

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