Essay: Database Management

Essay: Database Management
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Database management is a necessary tool in today’s IT based environments of many large organizations. Loads of data has never been comfortable to manage in the forms of ledgers and books. It is easier to manage & keep track of the data for the entire organization with the help of databases.

The importance of database management is always been on the higher side cumulatively, since it refines the results in future by deciding the value of diverse previous outcomes attained. It can be observed that progress of quality is dependant in part on the quality and application of databases within the organization. Database Management involves various aspects to work collectively. The combined effect of all these features allows the user to manage the databases. Some features are so basic and hidden that normally practical implementation doesn’t seem to expose them. Some of them can be highlighted as:

  • File Processing
  • I/O Operations
  • Physical and Logical Files
  • Buffering Management
  • Indexing
  • B- Trees and B+ Trees

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